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The distance between the countries can be find by travelling

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Q: How the distance between two cities was measured and is measured now?
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Fill in the blank The length of is the between points A and B?

Distance. Now get back to apex...

How do draw a circle with a compass?

To draw a circle with a compass, first set the distance between the point and the pencil of the compass using a ruler. This distance is the radius. Now, place the point on the paper where you want the center of the circle. Spin the compass around the point, lightly dragging the pencil on the paper, and you will have a circle.

In a straight highway 2 cars starts from the same point in opposite directions each travels for 8 Kms and take left turn then travel for 6 Kms what is the distance between them now?

20 km

How do you know the difference between the dependent and the independent variable?

The independent variable is one that does not depend on the other variable. A dependent variable "depends" on the other variable. Think about the distance traveled by a car over time. You have two variables in that, time and distance. Now think about which depends on the other. Does time depend on distance? No. Time will keep going even if the car stops. Does distance depend on time? Yes. The more time that goes on, the more distance is traveled. So distance is the dependent variable, because it depends on time. Time is the independent variable because it doesn't depend on distance.

Find 8 items that are measured in milliliters or liters?

After an exhaustive search of my neighborhood for the past six nights, I have found them. What would you have me do with them now? I await your instructions.

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What unit of distance is now measured in 2.54cm?

The inch is now measured in 2.54 cm.

What distance is best measured in light years?

Any distances between two points outside the solar system, or betweenanything inside the solar system and anything outside it, are.(With the exception of the distances now being estimated between exoplanetsand their respective host-stars.)

What was the distance between earth and sun in the 1700?

Virtually identical to what it is now.

What units are used on earth to measure distance?

On the surface of the Earth, miles used to be the traditional measure, but now displaced by the SI system with kilometres. An exception is in aviation, where horizontal distances are still measured in miles, and altitude measured in thousands of feet. This is to avoid confusing numbers between these two dimensions. There will still be many ships which measure speed in knots, and distance in nautical miles.

The actual distance between two cities is 1250 miles. The shortest distance between the two cities on a map is 10 in. What is the scale of the map?

There are 63360 inches in a mile. The real distance is 1250 miles So you need to multiply these two figures and you get 79,200,000. Now on the map, 10 inches represents 79,200,000 inches in real life. So the scale is 79,200,000 ÷ 10 = 7,920,000 or roughly 1:8 million.

If two cars travel from 1 point to the opposite direction and after travelling for 6 miles they turned to the right side of themselves Now you tell what is the total distance between them?

If you measured the distance when they had each travelled 6 miles immediately before/after they turned the distance would be 12 miles. After they have turned you could calculate the distance between them using Pythagoras's theorem if the turn was 90 degrees and you knew how far they travelled after they turned. As it is written there is not enough information in the question to answer it.

Fill in the blank The length of is the between points A and B?

Distance. Now get back to apex...

Is a soccer field measured by feet or yards?

Traditionlly, soccer fields are measured in yards. Since most of the world now uses the metric system, the official rules now measure in meters. For example, the required distance for opponents to stand is now 9.15 meters, instead of the traditional 10 yards. Measurements in feet are still traditionally used for the height of a goal structure's crossbar, but this too is officially measured in the metric system.

What is the distance between Singapore and Denmark?

the same distance as two other places i cant be bothered to name right now Roughly 2 inches

What is the distance between Rabwah and Lahore?

Sorry mate, but we changed the name of the city back in 1998, now the name is Chenabnager, The distance between Lahore and Chenabnager is 150 km. The distance between Lahore and Sargodha is 172 km from Lahore and the distance between Chenabnager and Sargodha is 22 km. Complements from Chino Hills, CA and Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

An Easy Way to Calculate Mileage Between Cities?

Calculating mileage between cities is important for several different reasons. The mileage between cities allows you to determine if you have enough gas in your tank to travel between those two locations without needing to refill your tank, and it also helps you to determine how much time it will take for you to travel between those cities. At one time, the best way to calculate mileage between cities was to use a mileage table in an atlas or map. However, the best way to calculate mileage between cities now is to use a mapping feature online or on your smart phone. These allow to calculate mileage between the midpoint of two cities or between specific addresses in different locations.

How do you measure the distance between two heavenly bodies?

Let's say we want to measure the distance between objects A and B. First, we measure the distance from the Earth(point E) to these objects(using Doppler-shifts).Then, we measure the angle AEB.We now know the lengths of two sides, and the angle between them. That's how we find the distance AB.

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