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Q: How to calculate approximate ldt of a ship?
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What does LDT stand for in Economics?

LDT stands for Less Developed Technologies these are inferior goods. There is nothing inherently wrong with the good itself its just that there is a better good available in the marke.

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How much weight is 36000 metric tons in ldt shipping term?


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no one knows answer

How do you calculate kilotons into tons?

Divide kilotons by 1,102.31 to get approximate short (US) tons.

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The great wall of china has no approximate or specific longitude you would have to break the wall into segments an calculate their individual longitude.

How is a ship's calculated the grt and nrt?

how to calculate NRT and GRT

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You calculate the volume of three-dimensional figures, not of numbers like pi.

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What is the ships displacement formula calculation?

The formula to calculate a ship's displacement is: Displacement = Weight of water displaced by the ship = Weight of the ship in air - Weight of the ship in water. This formula helps determine the volume of water that a ship displaces when it is floating in water.

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