How to impress a girl?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Girls like boys who are interested in knowing them. You should be confident enough to make the first move girls are very impressed by that!

You can also impress a girl by playing football, basketballetcWell

Well actually i am a girl and we are impressed by things like six packs and tans, sports are just not that awesome to girls anymore or at least not Baseball

Ok well the answer above is good but read this:

It all depends on the type of girl, but this is the closest I can get to every girls type.

be nice- don't put her down or ignore her! girls HATE being ignored, even if you walk by her in the hallway at school say hi or smile

walk with confidence- don't walk differently around her, or she'll think she's doing something wrong and it will just be awkward. Walk cool, confident, and with a little swag

Look good- Don't dress up everyday, but don't look like a hobo or wear the same thing all the time, trust me we notice and its gross.

Be athletic- play a lot of sports, wear athletic clothes, like 2 to 3 specific sports teams and know everything about them, wear Nike elite socks, play sports in your school as well as outside, pick 1 sport that intrests you most and know everything about and talk about it around her too, she'll be impressed, but not too much becasue she wont want to talk about sports becasue she dose'nt want to mess up and look stupid.

Smell nice- Shower daily and wear a little clogne, not axe, but don't overdue it! girls don't like that

work out- exercise and have a nice, attractive body. Girls LOVE 6 packs, but if you don't have one its totally fine, remember: its your personality that counts most!

Tan- being tan looks great on guys but don't freak if you don't have dosnet matter that much!

Hair- If you have soft, silky/ straight hair, like jusin bieber, keep your hair at a medium length to look like Justin Bieber's old hair (not his new haircut, the old one!!!) if you have straight hair, but its not like JB's or its asian hair, then keep it short. If you have curly hair, do whatver works for you, DO NOT GET DREAD LOCKS OR AN AFRO OR SUPPER LONG HAIR(like past your shoulders)OR PUT GEL IN YOUR HEIR!!!!! Girls hate that

Grades- pay attention to the girl, but also to school!!! You probably won't like her forever(or maybe you will, who knows?)but your grades will effect you forever, so pay attention, study, and get good grades! girls love that! dont copy off of her, but you can ask her for help, she'll love that! but dont make her feel/look dumb. Make her feel smart, she'll love that too.

Flirt- Flirt with her, she'll love that, but dont over due it and dont mention ANYTHING about "bed" and don't lose your cool

be funny- have a sense of humor and entertain her! tell her jokes! oh and give her a nickname, she'll love that too and feel important

teeth-brush your teeth! keep them smelling good and looking white! oh and smile around her too!!!


dont sag your pants all the way to the floor, we dont like that

smile!! we love that

dont cuss! watch your language!

compliment her!!!! she will love that!

help her ! open the door for or pick up a book for her!

be confident!

be patient! and dont ask her out straight after a breakup! everyone hates that!

listen to her


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Q: How to impress a girl?
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You can impress the girl by writing a message about how much you like and respect her.

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impress her but then how do u impress her?

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you can impress her to show your intelligency

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How to impress a girl well if there is like a pool you and the girl go to maybe the YMCA or something, and you have a six pack and a tan show it off! it is sure to impress any girl

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First of all, if you use proper English then that can impress a girl. Secondly, you impress a girl if you just be yourself, if the girl can't accept that then move on and find someone new! Good luck! :D

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say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

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With my manlihood.

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buy her roses

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try to impress that girl to make me accept