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sunday,monday,tuesday,wedensday,thursday,frthanksiday .. )

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Q: How to spell the days of the week?
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How do you spell 'Wednesday' in Spanish?

"Wednesday" is "miércoles" in Spanish. Note the days of the week are not capitalized.

How meny hours in 7 days?

24 hours are in a day 7 days are in a week 24x7= 168 hours are in a week. How do you spell meny, should be your next question , ( many)

How do you spell the seventh day of the week?

In English, "Saturday" is the seventh day of the week. There is no other answer. "Friday" is the last day of the "work week", but a "work week" is only five days.

How do you spell Saturday in spanish?

Saturday is "el sábado.Note that the names of the days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish.

How do you spell Friday in Spanish?

Viernes.Don't forget, though: in Spanish days of the week are not capitalized -- so it's viernes.

How do you spell Teusday?


How do you spell the days in the week in spanish?

lunes (Monday)martes (Tuesday)miercoles (Wednesday) Accent over the "i"jueves (Thursday)viernes (Frida)sábado (Saturday)domingo (Sunday)In Spanish, the days of the week are not capitalized and the week begins with Monday, as opposed to Sunday in English.

Should you say ''what days of the week'' or ''which days of the week''?

Both "what days of the week" and "which days of the week" are correct; however, "which days of the week" is typically used when the choices are limited, while "what days of the week" is more open-ended.

How do you spell week in french?

semaine - week

Seven days in the week or seven days in a week?

Seven days in a week is more generally used than seven days in the week, except if in reference to a specific week such as 'the seven days in the week' when referring to a specific week, such as the week before Christmas.

How many days a week have?

There are 7 days in a week and there is 4 weeks in a month

Is 5 days 1 week?

5 days is one work week, but there are 7 days in a week.