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One output for each input

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Q: How will you know a function when you see one?
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What is the function of the human eye?

The basic function of eye is to see the thing around us.

How does a webcam function?

to see or to view one's image

Function of housekeping?

i one to know more about housekeeping

How do we know that the input have one output or more in a function in math?

By definition. If one input has more than one outputs then it is not a function.

What is a function graphed with a line or smooth curve called?

A differentiable function, possibly - to distinguish it from one whose graph is a kinked curve.

What function is considered a conditional function?

The IF function is a conditional function. See the related question below.

How do you tell a graph is a function if it touches the y-axis exactly one time?

The main way that a graph can be defined as a function is if it passes the vertical line test; this means that each individual x must correspond to one specific value of y. In the situation you mentioned, we don't know if the graph in question really is a function, because we only see the point at y; we don't know if the graph loops around on itself and fails the vertical line test at any other point.

When a function is used as an argument in another function?

It is called callback function. For an example see the qsort function.

How to know whether the function is user define function or library function?

You don't have to know. Library functions are also written by somebody, aren't they?

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How can one see ghosts?

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How do you know if a graph is a function?

A graph is a function if there is no more than one y-value for any x value. This means no vertical lines or "C" shapes, etc