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Your question asks more questions than the question it's self.

If you mean:

1) the nearest 1/2 ie 9.75 = 10.0


2) literally the nearest .5 ie 9.75 = 9.5

... then your question is asked in two different ways.

1) Round your decimal answer to the nearest 1/2


2) Round your answer to the nearest NON integer divisible by .5.

hope that helps.

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Q: How would you describe in terms of decimal places only going to nearest 0.5?
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How far do you move the decimal when your going from kilos to micros?

9 places right.

What is 47 divided into 3 to two decimal places?


How do you write 6000 in scientific notation?

When Writing 6000 in scientific notation, we must first count the decimal places from the right side of the number going to the left then multiplied by 10 raised to the number of decimal places. So to write 6000 in scientific notation: Answer:6.0x103 Because since there are 3 decimal places going to the right multiplied by 10 and raised to the number of decimal places.Likewise if 0.00006 is expressed in sci.(scientific) notation we write it as: Answer:6x10-4 Rule: If the decimal point goes to the left, the exponent is positive but if it goes to the left,the exponent is negative

How do you change cm into meter in decimal?

Example: 100 cm = 1 m 1 cm = 0.01 m You have to change the decimal by two places depending on whether you are going from cm to m, which would be two places to left, or m to cm, which would be two places to the right.

What digit would the decimal be placed in this problem. 2.4 times 51.44?

The decimal should be placed between 3 and 4 or 3 places going to the left. 2.4 * 51.44 = 123.456

What is the name of the repeating bar in a repeating decimal?

Recurring. its signified by going to the designated decimal places need, then putting a little R up. Eg: 1 / 3 = .33r I am fairly sure that is what you are after..

How do you round 6.0571 to 6.06?

As it is going to two decimal places, we look at the number in the third decimal place. It is a 7, so it causes the 5 to round up to a 6 giving the 6.06 as the final result.

How fast are you going if you cover one half mile in 43 seconds?

To two decimal places, you would be travelling at 41.86 miles per hour.

How fast do you have to run if you were going 1.5 miles in 14.3 minutes?

Rounded to two decimal places, you would be travelling at 6.30 miles per hour.

What decimal can Round to 4.54?

There are an infinite amount of answers, but if going to two decimal places, decimals that could round to 4.54 include: 4.541 4.537 4.539995945588 If round 4.54 to one decimal place, it would be: 4.5 If rounding to a whole number, it would be: 5

How do you convert a milligram to a gram?

1000 milligram is equal to 1 gram. So, going from milligram to gram divide by 1000 or move the decimal 3 places to the left. If you are going from gram to milligram do the opposite.

How many MPH are you going if you travel 1.5 miles in 49 seconds?

110.20mph (to two decimal places). Let's just work out how fast you would be going if you travelled this distance in 1 sec and then divide by 49. There are 3,600 seconds in one hour (60 * 60). So 1.5 miles in 1 second in mph = 1.5 * 3600 = 5,400mph 5,400 / 49 = 110.20mph (to two decimal places)