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16.5 = (1 x 101) + (6 x 100) + (5/101)

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Q: How would you write 16.5 in expanded form using the power of 10?
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How do you write 250000.00 in the expanded notation using power of 10?

2.5 x 105 = 250,000

When writing numbers in expanded form using exponents and you have a 0 in the middle of the number do you write that power of 10 down in the answer?

Usually not.

What is 826 in expanded form using powers of 10 and exponets?

To write a number in expanded form, you first need to divide it by a power of ten such that the greatest place value is units. In this case we can divide by 100 to give 8.26. The next step is to write that power of 10 alongside as a multiplication. 100 is the second power of 10 or 102. Thus 826 in expanded form is 8.26x102

How do you write 852.3 in expanded notation using sums of multiplication?

To express a number in expanded notation, you first need to divide it by a power of 10 such that the units is the greatest place value. In this case, you would divide by 100 to get 8.523. The next step is to add that power of ten to the sum as a multiplication. We use 100, which is the second power of 10. This can be written as 102. Thus 852.3 can be written in expanded notation as 8.523x102

Write 3018 in expanded notation using the power of 10?

3 x 10^3 +1 x 10^1 +8

How do you write -7 to the fifth power in expanded form?


How can you write 10 to the 4 power in expanded form?


How do you write 74271 in expanded form using exponents?


How do you write 0.492 in expanded form using power of 10?

0.492 = (0 x 100) + (4/101) + (9/102) + (2/103)

How do you write 4 to the 3rd power in expanded form?

43 = 64

How do you write 12 to the power of 4 in expanded form?

124 = 20,736

How do you write 128 in expanded notation using exponents?