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20 ; 80 (assuming they shake both hands)

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Q: If 5 people meet and all shake each others hands how many handshake will there be?
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If 99 people handshake how many handshakes will there be?

Since it takes two to shake hands, no odd number of people can handshake, since one must be left out. Therefore 99 people cannot shake hands. Unless "handshake" means something unusual here, which seems unlikely, as it is the only handshaking activity where you can count the handshakes. * * * * * What utter nonsense! 3 people: A, B and C can shake hands. AB shake hands, AC shake hands and BC shake hands. And the last time I looked 3 was still classified as an odd number. The correct answer is 99*98/2 = 4851

If a girl always shake hands with male is it flirt?

no its just a handshake

How often do french people shake hands?

Depends on what the Frenchman does in his/her life.

What is secret handshake?

a secret handshake simply a unique handshake that you keep a secret from other people other people other than the person you are sharing the shake with.

What culture do people not shake hands in greeting?

In some Asian cultures, such as Japan and South Korea, people may bow instead of shaking hands as a form of greeting. Additionally, in some Middle Eastern cultures, it is more common for people of the same gender to greet each other with a kiss on the cheek rather than a handshake.

Why do scouts shake with their left hands?

Actually, Cub Scouts don't shake with the left hand. The Cub Scout handshake is done with the right hand, with the index and middle fingers extended and placed against the other person's wrist. The Boy Scout handshake is an ordinary handshake done with the left hand.

How many handshakes if 25 people shake hands with every other person in room?

Each person will shake hands with every other person, except himself. If there are 25 people, each person will shake hands with 25-1 people, or 24. The number of times each person will shake hands with another, will be 25x24. The number of handshakes will be half of that, as each handshake is between two persons. The formula, in other words, is x(x-1)/2, where x is the number of people. With 25 people, it will be 25x24/2 = 300 handshakes.

Should you shake hand with interviewer during ssb interview?

yes. If interviewer is offering hand first then we should shake hands firmly. but we should not initiate first for handshake.

Is handshake a compound word?

Yes, "handshake" is a compound word made up of "hand" and "shake."

7 people shake hands with each other how many hand shakes are exchanged?

The first guy shakes hands with 6 other people. The next guy has already shaken the first one's hand, so she has only 5 other people to handshake & so on down to the last two people with a single handshake. All together there are 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 21 handshakes

What does a German do when their hand is dirty and offered a handshake?

* German people are no different than anyone else. They can either clean their hand on a cloth or simply say, 'I apologize, but my hands are dirty' and not shake the person's extended hand.

If 7 people meet each other and each of the others shake hands 1 time how many times will each have shaked hands?

21 times