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It can be but a square and a rhombus diagonals are also perpendicular and therefore intersect at 90 degrees and they too are both quadrilaterals.

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Q: If a quadrilateral has the property that the diagonals are perpendicular and at least one of them is then the quadrilateral is a kite?
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What is the least number of diagonals of a common quadrilateral?


Is a quadrilateral with at least one right angle and congruent diagonals a rectangle?


Which geometric figure has 2 diagonals?

Every closed figure with at least 4 sides has at least 2 diagonals. Every quadrilateral (figure with exactly 4 sides) has exactly 2 diagonals. That includes all parallelograms, rhombera, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, diamonds, and kites, as well as all other irregular quadrilaterals.

Do all trapeziums have diagonals of equal length?

No. Even in the non-US use of the term (a quadrilateral with at least one set of parallel lines), the lengths of the parallel lines may not be the same, and/or the angles formed by each adjacent side may be different (as in a rhomboid), resulting in diagonals of extremely different lengths.Only in rectangles are diagonals "always" of equal length.

What is a quadrilateral that is not a rectangle?

Any quadrilateral in which at least one (and therefore at least two) angles are not right angles is not a rectangle. The majority of these do not have a specific name.

What are at least facts and features of a rectangle?

It is a 4 sided quadrilateral It has 4 interior right angles It has 2 diagonals Its opposite side are parallel It has length and width of different dimensions It will tessellate It has a perimeter which is the sum of its 4 sides It has an area which is length times width

Does a square have at least 1 pair of perpendicular sides?

I suppose. All of a square's sides are perpendicular.

Does a trapezium have at least 1 perpendicular sides?


How many triangles are there in a quadrilateral?

You can divide a quadrilateral up into as many triangles as you want, but at least two.

Do perpendicular lines intersect in at least two points?

Perpendicular lines intersect at one point only.

Does quadrilateral have at least one pair of consecutive supplementary angle?


Does quadrilateral has a line of symmetry?

Yes, at least one