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Assuming the car begins at rest (0 m/s), and it has to reach 96 m/s in 1s, then, by the suvat equations:

s = - (displacement)
u = 0 ms-1 (initial velocity)
v = 96 ms-1 (final velocity)
a = ? (acceleration)
t = 1s (time)

a = (v-u)/t
a = (96-0)/1 ms-2
a = 96 ms-2

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Q: If a racing car's speed is 96 ms in 1 s what is the racing car's acceleration?
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What is the the uniform acceleration that causes a car velocity to increase from 32 ms to 96 ms in a period of 8.0 seconds?

The average acceleration of the car can be calculated using the formula: acceleration = (final velocity - initial velocity) / time taken. Plugging in the values, we get: (96 m/s - 32 m/s) / 8 s = 8 m/s^2. Therefore, the uniform acceleration that causes the car's velocity to increase from 32 m/s to 96 m/s in 8.0 seconds is 8 m/s^2.