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it has 80 sides right if im not mistaken

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Q: If a rectangular prism has 12 inches on one side and 16 inches on the other how many cubes is it made up of?
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How much cubes at the top of a rectangular prism?

There is no limit to the number of cubes which can be arranged on top of a rectangular prism.

The rectangular prism is 4 cube by 2 cubes How many cubes make up the prism?

A rectangular prism that is 4 cubes by 2 cubes is made up of 8 cubes.

How many cubes are in a rectangular prism?

Depends on the dimensions of the prism, and how large of cubes they are.

How long is each side of a rectangular prism that is 12 inches long and cut into 4 cubes?


What does rectangular prism look like with 12 cubes?

A rectangular prism has two bases, each of which is a rectangle, and four rectangular sides. The 12 cubes are the same as the rectangular prisms, except that each of the rectangles is a square.

What type of prism can you make by 30 1 cm cubes?

A rectangular prism.

You have a rectangular prism. The Height is 5in, the Length is 9in. and the Width is 3in. How many 1/3 in. cubes can fit inside the Rectangular prism?

45 cubes I believe

How do you make a rectangular prism with only five cubes?

Put all the cubes in a line.

Are some cubes are rectangular prism true or false?

All of them are.

Kevin made a rectangular prsm with 8 cubes in each layerthe prism had 4 layers what is the volume of the rectangular prism?


how many cubes with a dimension of 3 inches fit in a rectangular prism with dimensions of 2 1/2 feet by 1.25 feet?


What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is constructed of inch cubes?

The answer is the number of inch cubes used in the construction.