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Q: If a thumb is a finger then three gloves and three shoes normally hold thirty-five fingers and toes true of false?
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If a thumb is a finger then three gloves and three shoes normally hold thirty-five fingers and toes.?

That's False

If a thumb is a finger then three gloves and three shoes normally hold thirty-five fingers and toes?

A thumb is considered a finger anatomically, but in everyday language, it is usually distinguished from fingers. If three gloves and three shoes were to hold fingers and toes, they would typically accommodate a total of 30 fingers and toes since each hand and foot has five digits.

What do finger save soccer goalie gloves do?

Fingersave goalie gloves are made with a reinforced spine up the fingers to prevent them from bending back too far

What are gloves without finger holes called?

Gloves without finger holes are usually called fingerless gloves.

What are swimming gloves?

Swimming gloves are gloves with cloth flaps between the fingers. With the fingers spread, they increase the surface of the hand, enabling the swimmer to push harder.

What is difference between softball mitt and softball glove?

A glove has 5 finger slots in it to place your fingers. A mitt has two slots to place your fingers, one for the thumb and a larger area for your other four fingers. Gloves are used by for Fielders,Pitchers, Infielders, Outfielders. Mitts are used by Catchers and First Basemen.

Where can you buy texting gloves?

you can buy gloves with finger holes at justice

How can you lose fat from your fingers?

Long nails will give the illusion of longer thinner fingers - especailly like a french manicure/or someother close to flesh coloured nail polish. Also, try a different diet, too much salt in your food causes your body to hold in more water and fat. It is confirmed that you can lose finger fat by doing grip exercises. in other cases just dont show people your fingers. Wear gloves or fingerless gloves. they hide finger fat

Are fingertip goalie gloves better or fingersave?

Dont buy finger protection gloves, they restrict finger movement, so its harder to catch.

How many pairs of gloves are needed to show at least 65 fingers?

13 gloves

What are gloves without fingers used in Winter called?

i don't see how this is a question, but if your asking if its a good idea, it can be, if your a frequent user of your iphone or any touch screen technology electronics then gloves without fingers are good, but you can get gloves that work with this technology, obviously these gloves outweigh the fingerless gloves because the tip of your fingers are protected, but try both, personally i'd use the gloves that enable you to use touch screen technology with :)

What gloves should you wear in paintball?

any gloves that will allow you to fit you finger in the trigger guard.