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200 ft in 15 seconds ~= 13.333 ft/s

13.333 ft/s * 3600 s/hr / 5280 mi/ft ~= 9.091 mph

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Q: If a truck traveled 200 feet in 15 seconds how many mph is the truck traveling?
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If traveling 45miles per hour for 75 seconds how far would you of traveled?

4,950 feet.

How fast is traveling 5000 feet in 30 seconds?

To calculate the speed, you would divide the distance traveled by the time it took to travel that distance. In this case, traveling 5000 feet in 30 seconds means you are traveling at a speed of 166.67 feet per second.

Distance traveled in feet after 12 seconds and 87 miles per hour?

After 12 seconds, a car traveling at 87 miles per hour would have traveled approximately 1,520 feet. This can be calculated by first converting 87 miles per hour to feet per second, which is about 128 feet per second. Multiplying this by the number of seconds gives the distance traveled.

Distance travaled in feet after 45 seconds at 60 mph?

Assuming the rate of 60 mph is constant, traveling 60 mph means you are traveling one mile per minute. Since 45 seconds is 3/4 of a minute, you have traveled 3/4 of a mile, or3,960 feet

What is the formula for traveling feet per second?

To calculate traveling feet per second, you would typically divide the distance traveled in feet by the time taken in seconds. The formula is: Feet per Second = Distance (in feet) / Time (in seconds)

How many feet did you travel going 70 mph in 20 seconds?

If you're going 70mph, which is:70 miles/hour x 5280 feet/mile = 369,600 feet/hour .... we can use this to find how fast you're moving in feet per second.369,600 feet/hour x 1 hour/3600seconds = 102.667 feet/secondSo in 20 seconds you will have traveled 102.667 * 20 = [2053.34 feet]

A truck traveling 55 mph can stop in about how many feet feet?

200 feet

How many feet are you traveling if you are going 43.5 MILES per hour in 1.1 seconds?

You are traveling 70.18 feet every 1.1 seconds at 43.5 mph

If you are traveling at 55 mph you will cover over 800 feet in 15 seconds?

YES. At 55 miles per hour you are traveling at 80.67 feet every second. This means that every 15 seconds you are traveling 1,210.05 feet.

How many feet does it take to stop a two ton truck?

That depends on how fast the truck is traveling.

What is the mph for something traveling 4.5 feet in 188 seconds?

4.5 feet in 188 seconds is only 0.0163 mph

How do i convert 2.97 seconds into feet?

To convert seconds to feet, you need to know the speed or distance being traveled. Without that information, you cannot directly convert seconds to feet.