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Three triangular points protruding from the center, one longer than the other two.

See related link for a picture.

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Q: If an object is hastate what shape is it?
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What is the shape of your mystery object?

The mystery object is cylindrical in shape.

How does the shape of an object compare and contrast to the mass of the object made of the same substance and mass?

The shape of an object bears no relation to the mass of an object.

What is an everyday object that has a shape similar to earth?

An orange is an everyday object that has a shape similar to Earth, with a round and spherical shape.

How does changing the shape of an object affect its mass?

Changing the shape of an object does not affect its mass. The mass of an object remains constant regardless of its shape because mass is a measure of the amount of matter present in an object. Changing the shape may affect the object's volume and density, but not its mass.

What is the scientific name of hastate leaf?

i think it is Polygonum arifolium but i am not entirely sure

What is an example of a plant with hastate leaf?

A common plant with hastate leaves is the arrowhead plant (Syngonium podophyllum). These leaves typically have arrow-shaped tips with pointed lobes that point outward from the central stem. Arrowhead plants are popular houseplants due to their attractive foliage and easy care requirements.

What does shape constancy means?

Shape constancy refers to the phenomenon in which the percept of the shape of a given object remains constant despite changes in the shape of the object's retinal image.

What is a geometric object?

like a shape like squares triangles that stuff if its a shape its probobly a geometric object

What is the shape of a displacement-time graph for an object that is constantly speeding up?

If the Object is falling at a constant velocity the shape of the graph would be linear. If the object is falling at a changing velocity (Accelerating) the shape of the graph would be exponential- "J' Shape.

What does shape have to do with whether chemicals mix or not?

The shape of an object can be changed and the object will still remain true to its chemical composition.

What is a five side object or shape mean?

shape - PENTAGON

Where hastate plate is found?

Hastate plates are found in fish, specifically in the skeletal structure of bony fish, where they form part of the gill arches. These plates provide support to the gills and assist in respiratory function in fish by helping to filter oxygen from the water.