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Q: If i drink Seagram's 11.2 oz 3.2 alcohol wine cooler how long will it be out of my urine?
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How much alcohol is in urine after 1 drink?


Why is urine lighter on a cooler day?

it depends on how much you drink on a colder day you probably drink more

Can you block alcohol from showing up in your urine?

Absolutely! Just don't drink alcohol.

Is there anyway to beat an alcohol urine test?

dont drink alcohol for 24 hours or drink as many nonalcoholic beverages as you can to detox the liver

How much alcohol for a positive urine test for drugs?

one drink

You drink 1 oz of alcohol is it out 24hrs?

Yes. However, a urine test will still register positive for alcohol.

How long does it take for alcohol to get out of the urine in order to pass an alcohol test?

for every drink you have you need at least an hour

How does alcohol stay in urine?

When you drink alcohol, it blocks the water receptors in your kidney so your body thinks it is hydrated when it's not. This is why when you drink your urine is usually clear and diluted because your body thinks it doesn't need the excess water and expels it from your body. This is also why you get dehydrated from alcohol. The next day however all that alcohol needs to excrete from your body so your urine is highly concentrated with alcohol.

On a standard alcohol test how long is it detected in the urine?

6 hours after last drink

Would happen if you drink alcohol with urine?

there would be more of it and your urine would be more translucent.

Alcohol in the system?

I had one beer 21hours ago is there still alcohol in my system and can a urine test detect the one alcohol drink from 21 hours later

If you drink alcohol will you still pass a urine test?

wow! absolutly fooking not thas grode