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About 2 hours if possible. All you have to do is double everything including the time limit.

I disagree. A hole with dimensions of all 2 meters is 8 cubic meters. A whole with all dimensions 4 meters is 64 cubic meters. You aren't just doubling the hole. Yes, you are going twice as deep, but you are also making it a bigger hole. If it took you one hour to dig 8 cubic meters, how many hours will it take you to dig 64 cubic meters? That would be 8 hours.

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Q: If it takes a man 1 hour to dig a hole 2 meters long 2 meters wide and 2 meters deep how long would it take the same man to dig a hole 4 meters long 4 meters wide and 4 met deep at same rate of speed?
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If it takes a man 1 hr to dig a hole 2 meters long 2 meters wide and 2 meters deep how long would it take him to dig a hole 4 meters long wide and deep assuming he digs at the same rate of speed?

2 hours. Because is it takes him 1 hour to dig a hole half the size of what hes going to dig then u have to add another hour to dig 2 more meters long 2 more meters wide and 2 more meters deep.

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