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Assuming simple interest, the formula is Interest = Principal x Time x Rate/100, in this case the interest would be 30% of the original investment.

If the interest is compounded yearly the the formula is Principal x (1 + Rate/100)^Time so that the new total would be (1 + 0.1)^3 ie 1.331 times the original investment, a total of 33.1% interest.

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Q: If the interest is 10 per annum for 3 three years how do you do the math for the total?
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In what time will 2700 yield the same interest at 4 per annum as 2250 in 4 years at 3 per annum?

In 2.54 years the compound interest will amount to 282.39 in both cases.

What is the simple interest on 642 for 7 years at 11 percent per annum?

$494.34 Interest= principal amount * time* simple interest %

What is the future value of 210000 with 4 percent interest in 8 years?

It depends on whether the 4% interest is per annum or for 8 years altogether. Also, you have to see if it is a simple interest or compounded interest.

What is interest of rs 200000 at the rate of 11.5 percent per annum for 3 years?

Assuming simple interest, you multiply the capital times the interest rate times the number of years.

What is the principal amount which earns Rs24 as simple interest for 3 years at 10 percent interest per annum?

Rs 80.

What is meant by p.c.p.a. as interest?

P.C.P.A. is the "Percent Compounded Per Annum." This measurement is used when trying to determine the compound interest for previous years.

How much time will it take for an amount of rs450 to yield rs81 as interest at 4.5 percent per annum of simple interest?

5 years

What would be the interest on 231700 at 3 percent per annum for 5 years and 7 months?

It is 41575.40

In how may years a sum of money at the rate of 10 percent simple interest per annum will triple itself?

30 years

What is the present worth of Rupees.132 due in 2 years at 5 percent simple interest per annum?


How many times will the sum gets multiplied in 10 years at 20 percent per annum simple rate of interest?


What is 3 percent of 100.00 per annum for 6 years?

If the 3% is "simple" interest, then the $100 earns an extra $18 in 6 years. If the interest is compounded yearly, then it earns $19.41 extra. If the interest is compounded weekly, then it earns $19.72 extra.