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136.952 square units

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Q: If the measure of one angle in a rhombus is 72 and if the sides in the rhombus have a length of 12 then what is the area of the a rhombus?
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A parallelogram with all sides the same length and no angle measures 90 degrees?

a parallelogram who's sides measure the same is called a rhombus :^>

A shape with 4 equal-length sides opposite sides parallel but no right angle?

its a rhombus

If length of three sides of rhombus is given in equations what is the length of fourth side?

In a rhombus, all sides measure the same.

What parallelogram has equal sides and no o 90 angle measure?

A rhombus.

Why is a rhombus a parallelogrm?

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides and a rhombus is a 4 sided figure (thus a quadrilateral) with all sides of equal length. Because opposite sides are of equal length opposite angles must also be equal. This angle measure defines a parallelogram.

What shape is a polygon and a quadrangle with the same length of sides and no right angle?

A rhombus

Does an acute angle have equal sides?

The length of the sides has nothing to do with the measure of the angle.

What polygon with no right angle all sides the same length two parallel sides?

Rhombus or paralellogram

What is a quadrangle with same sides length and no right angle?

A rhombus. (Looks like a diamond.)

Parallelogram with all four sides the same length?

Rhombus, or square if there is a right angle.

What is the name for a parallelogram with all sides the same length and no angle measures 90 degrees?

A Rhombus

Is every parallelogram a rhombus?

A rhombus is a self-intersecting shape with four sides. Every parallelogram is a rhombus. The angle of the intersections are the only variances.* * * * *Not true.A rhombus is a simple polygon. It is notself-intersecting.Every rhombus is a parallelogram but every parallelogram is not a rhombus! (The opposite of what the previous answer claimed.) All four sides of a rhombus are of the same length. In a parallelogram, each pair of opposite sides are equal, but the adjacent sides are of different length.