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Q: If the thousands digit and the tens digit in 8 951 are interchanged does the number increased or decrease?
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The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 12 If the digits are interchanged the number is increased by 54 What is the original number?


If the thousands of a four digit number is increased by 1 how much is the number increased?

If the digit in the thousands place is increased by 1, the value of the number is increased by 1,000.

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percent increase and decrease is how much percent it had increased from a certain amount of number, like discounts and markups

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the plankton population would decrease

What two digit number are interchanged to form a new two-digit number?

Any two digit number in which: (a) the units digit is not 0, and (b) the two digits are different will form a new 2-digit number when the digits are interchanged.

If the congress increased the number of weeks workers can collect unemployment insurance would it decrease unemployment?

moderate conservative

What will be the increase or decrease percent if a no is increased by 20 percent and then decreased by 20 percent?

There will be an overall increase in the first number.

What new number will be formed if the ten thousands digit of the number 52398 is increased by 3 and the tens digit is decreased by 5?

The new number will be 82448.

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How do you round of numbers to nearest hundred thousands?

Look at the number in the ten thousands place. If it is 4 or less, zero it and any numbers to the right of it. If it is 5 or more, increase the number immediately to the left of it by one and zero out everything to the right of the increased number.