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36 chromosomes

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Q: If there are 28 chromosomes in a pea plant cell how many chromosomes are in a sex cell of a pea plant?
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If there are fourteen chromosomes in a normal pea plant cell how many chromosomes will be present in the sex cell of a pea plant?

Seven. There are half as many chromosomes in the sex cells, or gamete cells, of an organism as there are in the normal, or somatic cells, of that organism.

How many chromosomes in a sex cell of a pea plant?

The answer is 42. It is for everything like if you agree.

How many pairs of chromosomes does a pea have?

A pea plant has 7 pairs of chromosomes, making a total of 14 chromosomes.

How many sex cells are in a pea plant cell?


How many chromosomes does a garden pea leave have?

14 chromosomes

How many pairs of chromosomes are found in a Split Pea cell?

Normal egg cells are haploid and a haploid cell can`t have pair of chromosomes.Pair of chromosomes actually means homologous pairs of chromosomes which are not present in eggs. Human egg contains 23 unpaired chromosomes and Drosophila egg contain 4 unpaired chromosomes which can`t be called 2 pairs as they are not homologous. Some abnormal eggs eg of parthenogenetic animals may possess paired chromosomes.

Is a pea a single cell?

No, a pea is not a single cell. It is a plant seed that contains multiple cells, including the embryo, endosperm, and seed coat.

Why mendel selected pea plant to study?

maybe he was lucky and he did so without knowing the reason but today we know the pea plant is 2n=14. so it has 7 pairs of chromosomes. if mendel had studied 8 traits for example, then at least 2 of them would've been on the same chromosome and he couldn't have used its mathematical laws of independence because then at least 2 chromosomes were linked.

Who discovered the cell and why did he call it that?

Gregor mendel first found the cells but he called it characteristics. He did many experiments on pea plant

What are the 4 characsteristics of the pea plants?

The 4 characteristics of a pea plant are the same in every plant they are; 1. photosynthesis 2. cuticles 3. cell walls 4. reproduction

How many factors are there in pea plant?


How many sex cells are in a pea plant?