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Q: If you cut the string with a pair of scissors what happen to the pen?
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What happens and what could the pen's motion if the string cut with a pair of scissors?

it is going to falling down

How do you cut the string with a pair of scissors?

Push the string close to the hinge. It cuts better there.When cutting, push the top handle of the scissors to the left with your thumb. This puts the blades closer together for better cutting.If the string doesn't cut, try a different part of the blade. Some scissors are blunt in places.

Remove sting from pot roast?

Using a pair of kitchen scissors, and cut all string parallel to the roast and the string can be removed. A sharp knife can also be used.

What is the pronoun for a pair of scissors?

There are no pronouns for a pair of scissors. Try 'I was trying to cut the card with scissors, but it was too tough for them'. In that sentence 'them' is a pronoun for scissors.

What did he supposedly do with a pair of scissors?

He supposedly used a pair of scissors to cut his hair.

Use scissors in a sentence?

We cut out the money off coupons with a pair of scissors.

Can you just use a pair of scissors to cut your clothes?

Yes if the scissors are not blunt.

How long is a piece of string if you cut it with 6 scissors to cut it and you have no rubber band?

|<-------------------------------->| (not to scale)

To cut dress parts to shape you must have a?

A pair of scissors.

How do you cut the string on Mystery train?

Use the pair of scissors that was thrown at you in the baggage car. (You will have to talk to the coal man, then the porter, before you return to the baggage car to search the luggage.)

Why is scissors or blade not used to cut the string?

If we knew what string you were talking about, we might give a relevant answer. Nonetheless, I have a hypothesis, which is that it is much more fun to cut the string with a laser beam, rather than an ordinary blade or scissors.

What do this mean you remove things you are like a pair of scissors i am?

Pairs of scissors cut things out so it removes things from things