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In a straight line, you would be 8.06 miles (the square root of 65) away from home.

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Q: If you hike 7 miles south and 4 miles west then how far will you be from the starting point?
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What region would be the starting point to hike from to main?

the coastal plain

How many hours to hike 3 miles?

That depends on how fast you hike

If a person can hike 19 miles in 2 days then how many days will it take them to hike 63 miles?

It would take a person about seven days to hike 63 miles if he/ she were traveling an average 9.5 miles per day.

How many miles is the hike up mt fuji?

The hike up Mount Fuji is approximately 6 miles (9.6 kilometers) from the base to the summit, depending on the trail taken.

What is the best hike within 100 miles of Grass Valley CA?

A great hike is from Edwards Crossing on the S. Fork of the Yuba River to Purdon Crossing. it's about 4 miles or so one way. The only problem is that you have to hike back to your car unless you have a car parked on the other end as well. It's a gorgeous hike.

How many miles is the hike to Halape from the nearest trailhead?

If i'm not mistaken, 7.7 miles. I am, however, not from the area.

A group of friends planning to spend 7 days hiking a 135mile portion expected to hike about the same number of mile each day estimate the number of miles the friends plan to hike each day?

They should expect to hike about 135/7, or about 19.3, miles each day.

Fabricio recorded the amount of time that it takes him to hike different distances According to the data in the table how long will it take him to hike 33 miles?

11 hours

Can you walk from Sparks to Reno?

It is less then four miles, do it should be a fairly easy hike.

the teton club has hiked 18.5 and has x miles left to go.the culb plans to hike 25 altogether?

6.5 miles

How do you calculate hike percentage?

Hike percentage = 100*(After Hike - Before Hike)/Before Hike

I have 2 labradors we normally hike 6 to 7 miles. is this Okay for them?

Yes but it depends how old your dogs are.