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Q: If you know the perimeter of a rectangle but not the length of its sides can you calculate its area?
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Can you calculate a perimeter of a rectangle but not the length of its sides?

no No. You need to know the length of a rectangle's sides in order to calculate the perimeter.

Formula of a rectangle?

There is no formula for a rectangle. There are formula for calculating its area, perimeter or length of diagonals from its sides, or it is possible to calculate the length of one pair of sides given the other sides and the area or perimeter, or the two lots of sides given area and perimeter and so on.

What formula expresses the perimeter of a rectangle in terms of its length?

The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is: p = 2(l + w) In other words, just add all four sides. You can't calculate the perimeter of the rectangle if you know only the length.

Calculate perimeter of a rectangle?

Add up all the sides of the rectangle.

How do you calculate the perimeter if a rectangle?

You add up all of the sides of the rectangle.

What is a perimeter of a recangular?

Perimeter is Length + width x 2 or Length + length + width + width. This is perimeter for any shape including a rectangle. Perimeter of a rectangle is all sides added together for a rectangle.

What is the common perimeter of a rectangle and a trapezium?

These two plane figures do not have a common perimeter. As the opposite sides of a rectangle are of equal length then only the measurements of two adjacent sides are needed to calculate the perimeter. (Perimeter = 2A + 2B, where A and B are the lengths of adjacent sides) However, a trapezium does not necessarily have any of its sides of equal length and therefore all four sides have to be measured to determine the perimeter.

How to calculate the lineal feet of a rectangle?

The perimeter of rectangle is the sum of the four sides of a rectangle.

How do you calculate the dimensions of a rectangle if you know the perimeter and the length?

A rectangle by definition has two pairs of sides with equal length. Since perimeter equals the length of all the sides. The equation for the perimeter of a rectangle could be thought of as: 2L + 2W = P Where L represents the length of one side of the rectangle and W represents the length of the adjacent (next to) side of the rectangle. If you know the length of one side and the perimeter, plug those values in as L and P and then solve for W. That will give you L and W which are the dimensions of the rectangle.

What is the perimeter of rectangle 3mx6m on the bottom of a triangle?

The perimeter is the sum of all four sides, so you need to calculate 2 x length + 2 x height. The fact that the rectangle is at the bottom of a triangle is irrelevant - except that in specific diagrams, information may be provided that lets you calculate the length or the width of the triangle.

How do you calculate perimeter of rectangle?

you add all the sides up

How do you calculate a perimeter of a rectangle?

Add together its 4 sides

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