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it would have less value, because 10x1=10 but when you do something like half of one it is half the number that your multiplying it by example: 10x1/2=5 (one half of 10 is 5)

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Q: If you work 2 jobs can you take a FMLA on 1?
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Can a person work 4 jobs?

yes they can. But the best is 1-3 jobs. 4 jobs is overworking you work late nights, over hours, you work simply to much. so just take my advice and work 1 or2 jobs, but if you want be a knuckle-head and overwork your body. But if you do, you will have a shorter life then if you worked one or two.

Can FMLA be taken in hours...for instance 1 to 2 hrs daily?

Yes it can.

Can parents take time off work for sick children?

You absolutely can. You are covered under the Family Medical Leave Act that includes 12 weeks a year, and the use of FMLA starts over again 1 year from the 1st day it was used the last time.

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If you start maternity leave on the thirteenth march 2009 and take the leave with pay that you are entitled to plus 1 month unpaid when will you be due back at work?

you get maternity leave, for12-16 weeks depends on your employer and then you get 12 weeks of baby bonding time (fmla) total 28 weeks after that in the state of ca they can take your jobfrom you and you have no rights after that.

Family medical leave entitlements in Oregon?

FMLA is a federal entitlement, the same in every state. If you worked for the employer 1 year, you can have up to 12 weeks or 480 hours of FMLA leave if need is certified by a doctor. Leave need not be paid.

My FMLA leave approval letter from HR was for me to be on FMLA leave for 480 hours from 4-1-2021 to 7-5-2021, but I didn't start FMLA leave until 5-4-2021, am I safe to not get fired to use the 480 duty hours of FMLA leave to 7-2-2021?

Contact your HR department and ask them the exact question you just posted here. They will give you the time frame for your 480 hours so you don't have to be afraid of over or under using your hours.

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1 man would take 80 days to complete the work, so 1 man in 1 day would complete 1/80 of the work. 1 child would take 160 days to complete the work, so 1 child in one day would complete 1/160 of the work. In 1 day, 5 men and 10 children could do 5/80 + 10/160 = 1/16 +1/16 = 1/8 of the work. It would take them 8 days to do the job.