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We can't tell from the information given .

All we know is that whatever Dylan's age is now, Susan is 2-1/2 years older than 1/2 of Dylan's age.


Dylan = 1, Susan = 3: In 3 years, he'll be 4, which is twice the '2' that she was last year.

Dylan = 3, Susan = 4: In 3 years, he'll be 6, which is twice the '3' that she was last year.

Dylan = 11, Susan = 8: In 3 years, he'll be 14, which is twice the '7' that she was last year.

See ? There are an infinite number of pairs of ages that they can have today. Just as long as
hers is [ 2.5 + 1/2 of his ], they satisfy the conditions given in the question.

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Q: In 3 years Dylan will be twice as old as his sister was last year How old is she now?
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