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In a closed figure of n sides the internal angles total (2n - 4) right angles, so in this case the sum is (12 - 4) x 90 degrees, ie 720 degrees.

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Q: In a closed figure of 6 sides what is the total internal angles?
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What are pentagon attribute?

Closed figure; five sides; five angles.

What is a closed figure having four sides and four angles?

A quadrilateral - if the sides are straight lines.

A triangle is a what with three sides and three angles?

If you mean EQUAL sides and angles, than an equilateral triangle.

What closed plane figure has nine angles?

A nonagon. It also has nine sides.

What is a definition of a triangle?

A closed figure having three sides and three angles

What is another name for a plane figure that has sides and angles and is closed?


What closed figure had 4 sides of equal length and 4 right angles?


What is the definition of hexagon?

A hexagon is any polygon (closed figure with straight sides) with six (6) sides and angles.

Does a octagon have 8 equal sides or just 8 sides?

Both, in a way. An octagon gets its name from the word meaning, "eight angles" so an octagon can have eight unequal sides. However, a regular octagon is a closed eight-sided figure with sides of the same length and internal angles of the same size.

What triangle has at least two sides that are parallel?

A triangle cannot have two parallel sides. In order for a figure to be a triangle, it must be a closed figure with three sides and three angles. If two of the sides were parallel, there is no way the figure could be closed by only one other line.

What are the propertys for traingles?

Three straight sides Closed figure two dimensional three angles

What is a closed plane figure with 4 congruent sides and 4 right angles?