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209 + 221 + 199 = 629

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Q: In one case of apples there are 209 in a second 221 and in a third 199. How many apples altogether?
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What is bigger 0.1666666667 or 0.06666666667?

Look for the first digit that is different. In this case, the first digit after the decimal point. The number that has the larger digit in this position, is larger. If the first digit is the same, compare the second digit with the second digit, the third digit with the third digit, and so forth, until you find a difference.

What is a bag of apples measured in?

Apples are sometimes sold by the unit (for example, "the small apples cost Bs. 2.00 for 3 apples; the large ones cost Bs. 1.00 each"), sometimes by mass (which is popularly confused with "weight"). In this case, kilograms would be used in most countries.

What is 155 third?

I assume the rather vague question is 'What is a third of 155?' In which case: 155 ÷ 3 = 51.666666667

Is it good to eat apples when pregnant?

Apples, like any other fresh fruit, are generally a healthy part of a diet, whether you are pregnant or not; but to be extra careful, wash them first in case there is any pesticide residue.

How is a arithmetic sequence found?

You take the difference between the second and first numbers.Then take the difference between the third and second numbers. If that difference is not the same then it is not an arithmetic sequence, otherwise it could be.Take the difference between the fourth and third second numbers. If that difference is not the same then it is not an arithmetic sequence, otherwise it could be.Keep checking until you think the differences are all the same.That being the case it is an arithmetic sequence.If you have a position to value rule that is linear then it is an arithmetic sequence.

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Is 30 apples a scalar quantity?

No, 30 apples is not a scalar quantity. Scalar quantities are physical quantities that have magnitude only, with no direction. In this case, the quantity of apples has magnitude (30) but also has a directional component (apples).

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 If you take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples how many apples do you have?

it depends on whether there are 6 apples in the basket before or after you took the two out... and whether the the apples in the basket are yours or not to begin with...possible answers:2 (if you count the apples that you have at hand)4 (if you are counting the apples in the basket only)6 (if there are 6 before you take two out and all the apples in the problem as yours)8 (if there are 6 apples in the basket after you took the two out in which case there are 8 apples in total)

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