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Yes. All effects that search for a card from the deck, or return a card to deck in any position apart from the top, will be followed by a shuffle.

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Q: In the Yugioh trading card game if you play a card that lets you get a card from your deck do you shuffle your deck?
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How do you play World of Warcraft trading card game?

you take your deck, shuffle it, draw one card and get a life because you have no friends to play with.

How do you play the World of Warcraft trading card game?

you take your deck, shuffle it, draw one card and get a life because you have no friends to play with.

Can anyone give a code in c Plus plus programming for shuffling a deck of cards like in Yugioh or Pokemon card games for random card draws?

There's not a code for that in Yu-Gi-Oh, but there is a Continuous Spell card called "Card Shuffle", which allows you to shuffle your deck once per turn in exchange for 300 Life Points.

You were wondering how come in the Yugioh trading card game no one runs fairy lily and jinzo?

I run Jinzo in my machine deck Its really up to the player what they run or they dont have the card

Is your opponent's deck shuffled after you play Foolish Return?

Yes. To 'return' a card to the main deck means to shuffle a card back into it.

What is a good type of Yugioh deck to have a big koala in?

The best deck for this card would most likely be a beast or an EARTH deck.

Where can you get all three yugioh gods in a card deck?

normally you have to buy them or trade

How do you duel in Top Gear turbo?

you shuffle your deck of cards and shuffle your opponets cards but keep them separated then pick a card from your deck then pick a card from your opponets deck and what ever card has the fastest power lap time wins the round so you should have best out of11 or something

In Yugioh does the extra deck count as part of the main deck in the 60 card limit?

No, it doesn't. The 40-60 limitation is for your main deck only.

When you duel an opponent in Yugioh are you allowed to touch their cards?

The only time you can look through your deck is when a card effect instructs you to do so. Effects that make you search the deck will also make you shuffle it so it doesn't matter that you see the card order at that point.

Why don't card effects that involve you looking through your deck tell you to shuffle them afterwards anymore?

It was removed because it was considered redundant. You always shuffle your deck after searching for and removing a card. Because this applies to all cards, it is not necessary to print it on each individual search card.

Why wont it let you leave your deck with a god card in your deck in Yugioh gx spirit caller?

Because it's a forbidden card, and you need lvl 99 to play those.