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b is the variable for the y-intercept, or how far up or down the graph is shifted.

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Q: In the eqaution for a straight line y equals mx plus b what does the variable b represent?
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What does a variable represent in P equals 3?

the variable represents any number that the P could be

-2x - 2y equals -12?

or x + y = 6 That cannot be simplified further and to solve for either variable will require another independent eqaution in x and y

What does x equal in the eqaution 2x plus 3 equals 10?


What is y in this eqaution y plus 9 equals -11?

Assuming that "eqaution" is your attempt to spell equation, y + 9 = -11 subtracting 9 from both sides: y = -20

The most common parameter variable used to represent slope is m What would happen if the slope parameter was changed to a as in y equals ax?

m is a Latin variable and it represents slope. Therefore, y=ax will not make sense because the a might represent area.

In the equation for a straight line y equals mx plus b what does the variable b represen?

b represents the intercept on the y-axis

Which type of lines match these equations 4y plus 8x equals 20 y equals -2x plus 5?

The two equations represent the same straight line.

What is y equals 3x - 14?


What variable equals 32?

In the right circumstances any variable.

What is the variable in the equation 12k equals 20?

k is the variable.

What is the variable in the equation 60 equals what times 15?

"Wat" is the variable.

Why can't you use a equals equals sign for a for statement?

This answer applies to programming languages in general. The equals sign is used for assignment. For example, the code "$variable = 1" assigns the value of 1 to the variable $variable. If you want to test whether values are the same (equality) the double equals sign is used. For example, when you want to verify that $variable has been assigned the value of 1 you would use: $variable == 1