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45 feet

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Q: Including reaction time the stopping distance is more than 20 feet for 10 miles per hour what will it be at 20 miles per?
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Under favorable circumstances including reaction time a motor vehicle with good brakes going 50 miles per hour can be stopped within how many feet?

Under favorable conditions, including reaction time, a motor vehicle with good brakes traveling at 50 miles per hour can be stopped within approximately 133 feet. This distance can vary based on factors such as road conditions, tire traction, and driver's reaction time.

What is the stopping distance of an oil tanker?

Four miles

What is the equal distance if you travel 45 miles stopping 9 times?

You're stopping every 5 miles, on the average.

How long would it take for a 1995 Honda Accord going 56 miles per hour to stop in the rain?

Total stopping distance and 55 mph including reaction time is approximately 216 feet on dry pavement. On wet pavement it will be about 270 feet. This is assuming you have good tires and average reaction time.

What is the stopping distance of a 2010 ford explorer at 25 miles per hour?

The stopping distance depends, not only on the car and its speed but also onthe reflexes of the driver,the mass of the car INCLUDING all passengers and luggage,the condition of the brakes,the tread on the tyres, andthe condition of the road.

The stopping distance of a car when it is going at 50 miles per hour?

5o miles per hour is 73.3 feet per second. The average stopping distance for the breaks at that speed is 128 feet. Now add to that the average reaction time for a driver at that speed which is 3/4 second so we add 55 feet gives us a total of 183 feet.

What would your stopping distance be if you travel 30 miles per hour?

Depends what car it is.

If you are going 25 miles an hour how many feet will it take you to stop?

Stopping Distance = about 56.25 feet.

What is the distance between Belfast and Cairo?

Driving is 4,135 miles including ferries. The flight distance is about 2,500 miles.

At 40mph what is the cars reaction distance?

44 feet

How many seconds will it take for a car to stop if it is traveling at a speed of 40 miles per hour?

Stopping distances are measured in feet not in seconds. At 40 mph you're traveling 58.7 feet per second. The average driver reaction time is about 3/4 second which equates to 44 feet. After applying the brakes it will take approximately 82 feet to stop the vehicle. The total stopping distance for a car traveling 40 mph will be 126 feet when you include reaction time and actual stopping distance of the vehicle. If you divide 126' x 58.7' which is the distance traveled per second you get 2.14 seconds. This is assuming you're paying attention and have average reaction time while driving.

How much is the stopping distance for 70 miles per hour?

It depends on the road conditions, as well the state of your brakes.