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Q: Is .25 million the same as a quarter of a million?
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What is quarter of million as percent of 1 million?

250,000, or a quarter of a million, is also 25% of a million.

What is .25 million?

A quarter million is 250,000

How many miles are a million quarters?

There is no specific measurement as a quarter - that depends what it is a quarter of.

How much is a quarter-million?

The same as a million divide by 4.

What is quarter million?

i think that QUARTER MILLIONis the same number as 250,000

What is one and a quarter million?

As a number it is: 1,250,000

What percentage is the same as the fraction one quarter?


How do you write 1 and a quarter million in numbers?

1,250,000 (Simple!) or look.... first of course you need to know what a quarter million is, actaually what a quarter is ... and add it to a million 1,000,000 + 250,000= 1,250,000 cause a qaurter is 25 and cause a quarter million is gonna be 1 million plus 250 thousand k?? because of the zeroes...hope that helped! ps.. think about it... a million is made up of 1 and 6 zeroes so if you say a quarter million just add a zero in the thousands place..

What percent is the same as 1 quarter?

1 quarter:= 1/4:= 0.25 x 100%= 25%

How much is a 1776 -1976 quarter worth?

25 cents.

What is more a quarter of a million or a million?

A million is higher. A quarter of a million is 250,000, while a million is 1,000,000. A quarter of anything is less than the whole thing.

How much is a drummer boy 1776-1976 quarter with a D on it?

It's a common bicentennial quarter, still worth 25 cents. Denver minted 860 million of them.