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25 students to sit at 5 tables is a ratio.

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Q: Is 25 students to sit at 5 tables a rate or a ratio?
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What are standard sizes of classroom writing tables?

Student tables at one University in Canada are 60 inches wide and 20 inches deep and two students sit at each table in a typical lecture room.

Why is it disrespectful to sit on tables on a marae?

tables are used for eating on not sitting on

How do you use sequential in an example sentence?

Number the banquet tables in sequential order so people can be assigned to sit at the tables.

Four students organized a sit-in at a lunch counter in?

Four students organized a sit in at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC.

Why do customers always sit at the dirty tables in restaurants?

They're stupid.

Are there picnic tables at the Bronx Zoo for brown bagging?

There are places where you can sit and eat a lunch you have brought with you. If I remember correctly, there aren't very many picnic tables -- if any -- but there are plenty of benches and other places to sit.

How many tables would you need to sit 250 people?

If it's 8 people per table, you would need 32 tables.

What type of restaurant serves people at tables?

A sit-down restaurant is what an establishment that serves customers at tables is often called. This is in contrast to a take-out restaurant.

If there are 11 tables and 6 tables seat 4 people each and 5 tables seat 8 each what is the maximum number of people who can sit at the tables?

The anserw is 64 people. 6x4=24 5x8=40 24+40=64

How can you help new students?

Sit on them... Always works...

How many students participated in the first sit in?

During the Civil Rights movement in the United States various types of protests were held including sit ins. The first sit in had over 50 thousand students participate.

How many 48 inch tables can you set on 300 square foot?

A 48 inch table has 48x48 sq inches, which is 2304 sq inches, or 16 square feet. 300/16=18.75 Stick with 18 tables. However, you don't say if you want room for people to sit around the tables. My answer doesn't leave room for people to sit around the tables. If you want room for people to sit, then I would suggest that you try setting up one table with the chairs around it with people sitting in the chairs, then measure to see how much room it takes.