Is 8 a cubic number

Updated: 12/20/2022
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yes, 2 cubed is 8

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Q: Is 8 a cubic number
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The cube root of a number is always smaller than the number?

No. Here are some counterexamples:The cubic root of 0 is 0.The cubic root of 1 is 1.The cubic root of 1/8 is 1/2.The cubic root of -8 is -2.In general, the cubic root of a number will be less than the original number,Â?if your number is greater than 1.

How do you change 8 cubic feet into cubic inches?

First, figure out how many cubic inches are in a cubic foot. A cubic foot is 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches, so 12x12x12= the number of cubic inches in one cubic foot. You then multiply the number of cubic inches on one cubic foot by the total number of cubic feet (which in this case is 8) and that will give you the total number of cubic inches in 8 cubic feet. That's a method you can use, now it's up to you to do the math!

The food you consumed yesterday and the second cubic number?

second cubic number is eight (8) as it is 2x2x2

Coordination number in Bcc and simple cubic?

coordination number in bcc is 8 coordination number in simple cubic is 6

Which is not a cubic number 8 28 64 and 125?

28 is the non-cubic number The others work out like this - 2x2x2=8 4x4x4=64 5x5x5=125

How do you convert 216 cubic feet to cubic yards?

To convert cubic feet to cubic yards, you need to divide the number of cubic feet by 27 (since 1 cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet). So, 216 cubic feet divided by 27 equals 8 cubic yards.

Which metallic structure has a coordination number of 8?

body-centered cubic

A cube number between 400 and 600?

The only cubic number between 400 and 600 is 8 x 8 x 8 (83) = 512.

What is the second cubic number?

The answer is 8 not 2,4,6 or 16 as those are squared numbers

How many cubic feet is 6 feet by 8 feet by 2 feet?

That would be 96 cubic feet. (6 X 8 = 48, and then 48 X 2 = 96 cubic feet) DON'T FORGET to put CUBIC FEET after the number!

Calculate the number of cubic feet in a room which is 12 ft by 8 ft and has an 8 foot ceiling?


How many inches of 8 cubic meter?

1 cubic meter = 61,023.74 cubic inches. so multiply 8 by both sides 1 cubic meter * 8 = 61,023.74 * 8 8 cubic meters = 488, 189.92 cubic inches