Is Celsius of ferenhite lesser

Updated: 11/2/2022
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If C is Celsius temperature and F is the Fahrenheit temperature, the relation between them is:


You can graph that into a linear function.

And since the line y=x (this is when y is Celsius) and y=(9/5)x+32 (this is when y is Fahrenheit) have different slopes, they are going to meet once on the graph.

(Different slopes mean they are not parallel and only parallel lines don't meet each other in a 2D. And the point they meet is the point where C and F are equal. And if the temperature is hotter than that, F>C, and if the temperature is colder than that, C>F)


So x=-40 (C=-40, F=-40)

Therefore if it's hotter than -40°C (or -40°F), Fahrenheit is bigger than Celsius (when it's the same amount of heat). And if it's colder than -40°C (or -40°F), Celsius is bigger than Fahrenheit (when it's the same amount of heat)

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Q: Is Celsius of ferenhite lesser
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