Is a fever of 102 dangerous?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Is a fever of 102 dangerous?
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What level of fever is dangerous?

No but if accompanied by vomiting and other stuff but nothing hazardous. No slight fever is not dangerous. You can feel a little lazy and tired, but it is not going to kill you or it is not going to do anything else dangerous. :)

What fever did Martha Washington die of?

She had a 102 fever.

What do you have if your temperature is 102?

You definitely have a fever. Such a fever can have many causes.

Is a 100 degree temperature dangerous?

A body temperature of over 100 indicates you have a fever. If it is below 102, you should be ok, just make sure to take some medicine to reduce your fever, and get fluids and bed-rest.

How dangerous is a body temp of 106.5 for an adult man?

Yes, a temperature of 102 means that adult is running a fever.

How do you get rid of a fever of 102?

You could take some Tylenol (acetominophen).

A person with the temperature of 41.1celsius would have what kind of fever?

106 f. A dangerous fever.

What body temperature in children is dangerous?

If your child has a fever you should take them to the emergency room right away. When a child's temperature goes above 102 degrees Fahrenheit it is considered serious.

Is 1.80 dilution in typhoid is dangerous for health .?

This is probably not dangerous. But then rising titre in febrile illness indicates the typhoid fever. Typhoid fever can not be taken lightly.

Is fever dangerous?

Yes, sometimes it can fry your brain.

Why was building they panama canal so dangerous?

It was dangerous because of yellow fever and malarial mosquitoes.

Is it dangerous for an older person to catch Glandular Fever?

Not more dangerous than for young persons.