Is a heptagon a polyhedron

Updated: 10/24/2022
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No, because a polyhedron is a solid with many flat faces. A heptagon is not a 3-D figure.

However, a pyramid or prism would be a polyhedron.

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Q: Is a heptagon a polyhedron
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What is a 7 faced shape called?

A seven-sided shape (polygon) is called a heptagon.

What is a 7 sided 3d shape is called?

A 2D seven sided figure is called a heptagon. A 3D seven faced polygon is called a heptahedron.

What solid figure has 5 faces 8 edge and 4 vertices?

An object with 5 faces is a heptagon. The specific heptagon in this case is a square based pyramid.

The edge of a polyhedron are the polygons which bound the polyhedron?

No, they are the faces of the polyhedron.

What is a polygon called with seven sides?

it is a heptagon Horseisle answer: Heptagon Narcissa from Pally server

Is it heptagon or septagon?


What makes a polyhedron faceted?

The definition of polyhedron. If it was not faceted it would not be a polyhedron.

How many diagonals in heptagon's?

In a heptagon there is 14 diagonals

Is a rectangle a polyhedron?

yes it is a polyhedron

What are the properties of a heptagon?

a heptagon is a dog

Which of these two regular polygons has the larger interior angle triangle or heptagon?


What is a shape with 7 sides?

It is called a Heptagon.