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No, the second b is twice as much as the first b.

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Q: Is a over one half h equal b the same as b equals 2a over h?
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Is a silver dollar the same as a half dollar?

No, a silver dollar does not equal a half dollar. Instead, in the USA it equals a full dollar.

How does one half times 2 equal one?

1/2 x 2 is the same as 2/2...which equals 1.

What is the equal fraction for 11 over 22?

11/22 is the same as 1/2 (half)......

What does 5 over 10 equal?

10 over 5 is the same as 10 divided by 5, which equals two.

What does one over one equal?

1 because if there are two numbers that are the same and is the numerator and the denominator in a fraction then it equals one

Where is the equal sign on ti-84?

The equal sign is the same as the enter button

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One-half foot equals what?

same question

What does ce equal?

it equals the same number you multiply it by

What times what equals -48 but equals to -13?


What does equals mean?

"Equals" means "the same as." eg 4 = 2x2; four is the same as 2x2. eg "I am your intellectual equal"; our intellects are the same.

How do you write over half in decimal?

"over half" is the same as two times.