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Pentagons can be regular or irregular.

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Q: Is a pentegon regular or irregular?
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Why is a pentegon an irregular?

A pentagon can be regular. But, if one of its sides is of a different length, or one of its angles is of a different measure then it is irregular.

How do you find the perimeter of a regular pentegon?

what is the perimeter of a pentegon?

Does a regular pentegon have congruent diagonals?


What polygon can you make if you put a triangle on top of a square?

A house, or at least an irregular pentegon.

Is an oblong an irregular or regular?

It is irregular.

is the verb mail regular or irregular?

regular or irregular

What is the measurement of each of the exterior angles of a regular pentegon?

72 because you divide 360 by 5.

Is a trapezium regular or irregular?

It is irregular.

Is a pentagon a regular or a irregular polygon?

A pentagon can be regular or irregular.

What is a irregular pentegon?

An irregular pentagon is a closed 2-dimensional shape formed by five straight sides such that at least one of the sides is of a different length form the others or at least one of the angles is different from the others.

Is an arrow a regular or a irregular?

It is an irregular polygon.

Is a trapezoid regular or irregular?