Is a rectangle acute

Updated: 12/20/2022
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No, it is not. It has all right angles.

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Q: Is a rectangle acute
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How many acute angle are in a rectangle?

There are no acute angles in a rectangle which has 4 equal interior right angles

What is the smallest acute angle in a rectangle with side of 12 and 16?

A rectangle has 4 right angles. There are no acute angles.

Does a rectangle contain no acute angle?

Yes, a rectangle has no acute angle (i.e. no angle less than 90 degrees).

Does a rectangle have 2 acute angels?

a rectangle has 4 right angles

How many acute angles dose a rectangle have?

An acute angle is less than 90 degrees. Therefore, as a rectangle has 4 right-angles (90 degrees) there are no acute angles.

How many acute angles are there in a parallelogram that is not a rectangle?


How many acute angles are there in a quadrilateral that is not a rectangle?


How much acute angles are in a rectangle?

two angles

Does a rectangle have acute sides?

No, a rectangle has 90 degree angles, also known as right angles.

Can an oblong have acute angles?

No, an oblong can't have acute angles, because oblong is another name for a rectangle. A rectangle has four interior right angles of 90 degrees.

Does a parrallelogram have an acute angle?

Except for the special case of a rectangle, a parallelogram must have two acute angles.

How is a rhombus different then a rectangle?

A rhombus has obtuse or acute angles. A rectangle has got 4 right angles.