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no its not the scalene triangle will never be a right triangle

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Q: Is a right triangle sometimes a scalene triangle?
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Is a scalene triangle sometimes a right triangle?

no its not the scalene triangle will never be a right triangle

Can a right triangle be both a scalene and isosceles?

Sometimes an isosceles triangle but never a scalene triangle with 3 interior acute angles.

How are a right triangle and a scalene triangle different?

They need not be. You can have a right scalene triangle.

What is a Scalene right triangle?

A scalene right triangle is a triangle that has no congruent sides and and one right angle.

Can you sketch a right scalene triangle?

No because a scalene triangle has no right angles

How many right angles in a scalene triangle?

Any triangle can have a maximum of one right angle. Most right triangles are scalene triangles. The only non-scalene right triangle is a 45° - 45° - 90° isosceles right triangle. It is not possible to have an equilateral right triangle in plane geometry. A scalene triangle does not have to have a right angle, but it can have one.

Does a salene have a right angle?

If you meant scalene triangle, then it may have a right angle. By definition, a scalene triangle is a triangle with no angle or side measures that are the same. For example, a 30,60,90 triangle is scalene.

Is a right triangle an equilateral scalene or isosceles triangle?

It can be scalene or isosceles but not equilateral.

Scalene right triangle?

A scalene triangle has three sides of different lengths. A right triangle can be scalene - for instance the '3-4-5' triangle has a right angle opposite the side which is 5 units long.

Can you have a right scalene triangle?

There is only one right angled triangle which is not scalene: 45/45/90.

Can a isosceles triangle can be scalene.?

An isosceles triangle can never be a scalene triangle but it can take the shape of a right angle triangle

Does an equilateral triangle right triangle isosceles triangle or a scalene triangle have 1 obtuse angle?

Either an isosceles or a scalene triangle can have one right angle.