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both are.. but at 34 weeks the baby is bigger and at 18 weeks the baby is moving and turning inside your stomach and its beautiful to be able to see it and you can also see what you are having at 18 weeks if the baby legs aren't close together...congrat and best of luck

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Q: Is a sonagram more accurate at 18 weeks or 34 weeks?
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How many weeks gestation before you can determine sex of baby?

18 weeks has the most accurate outcome

You had an ultrasound 18 weeks tech said 90 girl was flat in between legs accurate?

The ultrasound at 18 weeks is about 90 to 95 percent accurate. It there is a flat place between the legs it means it is a girl if there is something hanging it means it is a boy.

How many weeks in 127 days?

18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.18 weeks and 1 day.

How many weeks in 18 years?

936 weeks* * * * *A year is not 52 weeks but 52 weeks plus 1 day (or 2 in a leap year). Allowing for these, 18 years is 1 or 2 days more than 939 weeks.

Can you tell the sex of a baby at 16 weeks and if so how right will it be?

Yes, you can tell the sex of a baby at 16 weeks, and it is close to 100% accurate. But a few factors will determine whether or not you can see the gender at 16 weeks. The baby's position and the mother's weight determine if you can see the gender clearly. With heavier women, it is harder to see a clear picture of the gender. Some women decide to check for the gender at 18-20 weeks for a more accurate ultra sound.

You were 16 weeks pregnant your ultrasound said that the baby size was 18 weeks which one should you do by?

The ultrasound dating has excellent and precise estimation of gestation especially if done in the first trimester (first 12 weeks). After 12 weeks, its accuracy goes down. However, compared to dating according to menstrual cycle, the ultrasound would be more accurate.

How many months pregnant do you have to be before you can tell if you are having a boy or a girl?

18 wks plusits about 18 weeks, usually by a scan but that isn't 100% accurate however mostly correct.

How many days are in 18 weeks?

18 weeks = 126 days.

How many hours are there in exactly 18 weeks?

18 weeks x 168 hours/week = 3,024 hours in 18 weeks

How many weeks is 126 days?

126 days is 18 weeks.

How far pregnant do you have to be to find out if its a boy or girl?

Usually you can find out between 18 and 20 weeks. I found out that I was having a girl at 18 weeks 5 days. There is a test called intelligender that you can take as early as 7 weeks but I don't advise it. It said I was having a boy and I took it at 10 weeks. My Doctor said that he is 0 for 4 on that test being accurate. So just be patient and you'll get to find out soon! Trust me, those first 18 weeks flew by.

How many more weeks until November 19?

18 days until Nov 19, or about 2 1/2 weeks.

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