Is a square parllel

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Opposite sides of a square are parallel.

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Q: Is a square parllel
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Does squares exactly have one pair of parllel sides?

yes, and a square has to have 2 parallel sides to be a square.

How many parallel does a square based pyramid?

2 pairs of parllel sides

Does a system with parllel lines will have no solution?


Does a Cube have both parllel and perpendicular edges?


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What is a guadrilateral in which the opposite sides are parllel and congruent?


What do you call the parllel lines hat circle the globe?


What is quadrilateral that has only one set of parllel lines?

It is a Trapezoid.

Does the cube have any parllel or perpendicular lines?

there is 15 perpendicular lines in a cube

What line runs parllel to the equator?

Lines of Latitude, as in "changes in latitude, changes in attitude."

A quadrilateral with exactly 1 pair of opposite sides that is parllel?

well... i hav no idea!

How many parllel line does a triangle have?

a triangle has no parrallel lines. it will only be parrallel if it is a quadrilateral