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Neither, because a translation is only moving across one plane. Slide flip isn't even used in geometry. I'm not sure what that is. A rotation is moving across and axis from a specific point, which cannot be done in a translation.

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Q: Is a translation the same as a slide flip or rotation?
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Is it true that similar figures you can slide and flip them?

You can always slide and flip any figure that you want to. But that will not make them the same.

What shape means exactly the same but in a different position?

Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.Translation or rotation.

What does slide mean in math terms?

So if you are asking from the therm slide,flip,and turn,then like if you slide lets say a diamond then that diamond will be the same.

How are translation and rotation the same?

They do not alter the size nor the angles of the shape.

When you flip turn or slide a circle why does the circle stay the same?

All shapes stay the same when you slide them. Circles stay the same through the other transformations because they have complete axial and rotational symmetry.

What is a transformation that means to slide?

A transformation that means to slide is called translation. In a translation, an object is moved without rotating or changing its size, maintaining the same orientation.

What are translations in math?

Translation/Slide: to move all points in a figure the same distance and direction.

What is the difference between simple support and pin-joint support?

We tend to use them to mean the same thing. In two dimensions, a simple support is one that allows rotation. A pin joint support is a simple support that allows rotation but not translation. A roller joint support is a simple support that allows rotation and translation.

What effect does a translation have on a figure?

A translation will slide a figure either horizontally, vertically, or both, without changing its orientation or shape. The position of every point on the figure is shifted by the same amount and in the same direction.

What are transformations that result is an image that is the same shape and size as the original?

They are translation, reflection and rotation. An enlargement changes the size of the image.

What one transformation would be the same as double reflection?

A rotation of 180 degrees is equivalent to a double reflection, as both operations flip the object over twice resulting in the same final orientation.

Are rectangles congruent or perpendicular?

Both. Perpendicular is an 90* angle, usually intersecting. Congruent is two same exact shapes, no matter if you slide, flip, or turn. By: SupeRMAn