Is a variable a monomial

Updated: 12/14/2022
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A monomial is an expression that is either:

1) a numeral,

2) a variable,

or 3) the product of a numeral and one or more variables.

A variable can be thought of as the product of the numeral 1 and the variable, thus making it a monomial.

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Q: Is a variable a monomial
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Is 0 a monomial?

Zero is a whole number and definition of monomial is " a number, or a variable, or a combination of a constant and a variable"

What is the monomial of 135ab?

135ab is a monomial, where 135 is its coefficient.A monomial is a number or a variable or a product of numbers and variables.

What is the degree of a variable in a monomial?

The number of times that the variable occurs as a factor in the monomial. In other words, the exponent of the variable, e.g., x² - x + 6 is 2nd degree.

What is a monomial in algebra?

A monomial is an expression made up of a co-efficient, a variable , and an exponent that has only one term. Monomial = 4x ^2 4= co-efficient x=variable 2= exponent.

20 c4 3c3 5c2 is this a monomial?

No. A monomial cannot have the variable c to different powers.

What can a monomial fraction NOT have in its denominator?

Variable exponents.

Is a letter monomial?

A monomial is a single termed algebraic expression. A variable can be a monomial, but usually it follows a coefficient. (ex. 3x; 4xyz; 5y2z3)

Why is a constant a monomial?

"Why is a constant a monomial?"The short answer is because a constant is a special typeof monomial.The reason for this is that the definition of a monomial reads: A monomial is"An expression that is eithera numeral (= a numerical expression which names a particular number, IE a constant),a variable,or a product of a numeral and one or more variables.""constant (monomial): A monomial consisting of a numeral only; a term with no variable factor. "

A monomial that does not have a variable?

A constant like 8 or -8

What is the numeric factor of the variable or variables in a monomial?

the coefficient

A is a number a variable or a product of a number and a variable?

The correct answer is Monomial , but you can say Term

How do you multiply monomial by a polynomial?

you foil it out.... for example take the first number or variable of the monomial and multiply it by everything in the polynomial...