Is any shape a shape

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Anything that has two dimensions and is completely closed is a shape (as opposed to a line which as one dimension, or a point which has zero). A property of these shapes will be that they all have length and height with which area can be calculated.

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Q: Is any shape a shape
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Is there any shape for steak?

Steaks can be any shape.

What shape can a shape poem be?

any shape.

What mold can you shape?

Any shape.

What is the shape of silver?

it can be any shape

How is a shape a polygon?

any closed shape with any number of sides

What is the shape name that have 7 sizes?

Any shape can have any number of sizes.

What is a close shape?

A closed shape is any shape that surrounds an area. This includes polygons (triangles etc.) circles, ovals and any irregular shape

What is a shape that is mathematical?

Any shape is mathematical.

Why are water round in shape?

Water has no shape, it is a liquid. By gravity it naturally fills any space of any shape that it flows into.

What shape has two equl sides?

Any shape can have two equal sides.

How can you determine if a geometric shape can tessellate?

Any shape tesselates any of its covering spaces.

What do you call any 2d shape?

A plane shape, if not a 2-d shape.