Is depth the same thing as length?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Is depth the same thing as length?
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What are the 4 dementions in math?

length, width, depth, and some thing else

Is breadth the same as width?

Yes breadth is the same as width, you have width or breadth, depth and length !! uhu

Is the length the base?

Yes, the base and the length are the same thing.

Is length the same thing as width?


Are length and height the same thing?

yes they are the same things

Is a PSP smaller than a psvita?

The PSP is about the same height, shorter length, and greater depth.

How tall are vertical feet?

A foot is the same length if it is being used for height or width, or depth.

Is the length or the width the depth of a cabinet?

The depth is neither the length nor width. Length is the measurement from top to bottom, width is from side to side, and depth is from front to back.

How much length is 32 diameter?

They are not measuring the same thing- length can't be determined

what 3 D shape does a book resemble?

A book is shaped like a cuboid. It has a different measurement of length x width x depth. (If a shape had length x width x depth of the same measurement, it would be a cube.)

Are all ipod touch 2nd gen the same size?

In length, width, and depth, yes, but in storage capacity, no.

Are length of year and orbital period the same thing?

No, the length of a year refers to the time it takes for a planet to complete one orbit around its star, while the orbital period is the time it takes for an object to complete one orbit around another object in space, such as a moon around a planet or a planet around a star. The length of a year is specific to a planet, while orbital period is a more general concept relating to any orbiting object.