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Q: Is honey an animal product or a plant product?
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Is honey an animal product?

Yes honey is a animal product because bees are the ones who make it in the liquid form which we eat

Do strict vegetarians eat honey?

Yes, vegetarians eat honey. Vegans do not.

Is bread a plant product or animal product?

Bread is a plant product, as it is typically made from wheat grains which are harvested from wheat plants. The process of breadmaking involves mixing flour (derived from wheat) with water and yeast to create dough, which is then baked to produce bread.

Is molding bread a plant or animal?

Neither. The mold is a fungus. The bread is a product made from a plant. So, closer to a plant than an animal, but not really either.

Milk in veg or non-veg?

It is non-veg. why b'coz it is the product of animal but not plant product.

Are honey bees multicellular?

Yes. Virtually any plant or animal that you can see without a microscope is multicellular.

What is a situation in which members of the plant and animal kingdoms help one another to survive?

they help each other to survive for example, honey bird and the honey badger

Is cocont milk fat?

No. Coconuts are a plant, not a product of what an animal produces.

Where does clam powder come from animal or plant?

Clam powder comes from the animal, clam. So it is indeed an animal product.

Where do you get honey on harvest moon animal parade?

To get honey, you can buy them from Marimba Farm or you can plant flowers and honey will randomly appear. You usually see or hear bees around the flowers and when you pick it up, instead of being a flower, it will be honey.

What is the product of cellular respiration in plant and animal cells?

CO2 and H2O

What mammal creates tequila?

Tequila is not an animal product; it comes from the blue agrave plant.