Is infinity equal to infinity

Updated: 12/20/2022
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InfinityThere are different kinds of infinity. Some are bigger than others.


Infinity is a math concept. nothing in the real world is infinite (without limits). In other words, two infinities are equal only if the math teacher says so.

Infinity isn't a number or a value so you can't compare its size to another infinity.

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Q: Is infinity equal to infinity
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What does 330 times infinity equal?

It is still infinity.

Is infinity divided by infinity equal 1?

Firstly we don't know infinity value. If you divide any number by infinity then answer will be zero. Example is divide 100/3 by infinity ( let infinity is equal to 1/0). Then answer is 100/3/1/0 you will get zero.

what is infinity + 1?

it just equal infinity

Which is greater infinity or undefined?

both are equal... infinity is the representation of undefined.

What is infinity is divided by infinity?

1To touch on this whatever you take and divide by the same number will always give you one.2Infinity divided by infinity is not equal to 1, But it is undefined, not another infinity. This would help you:First, I am going to define this axiom (assumption) that infinity divided by infinity is equal to one:∞-∞= 1Since ∞ = ∞ + ∞, then we are going to substitute the first infinity in our axiom:∞ + ∞---∞= 1The next step is to split this fraction into two fractions:∞-∞+ ∞-∞= 1Next, substitute the axiom twice into the equation, we get:1 + 1 = 1Finally, this can be rewritten as:2 = 1Therefore, infinity divided by infinity is NOT equal to one. Instead we can get any real number to equal to one when we assume infinity divided by infinity is equal to one, so infinity divided by infinity is undefined.

What is the answer to all mathematical problems?

"X" is greater than or equal to infinity times negative one and less than or equal to infinity.

What does 2 to the 5555 power equal?


What does infinity equal?

Infinity does not equal anything because it is not a numerical entity. Infinity is a concept used to describe extremely high values, or the tendency of a function to output extremely large values as the input approaches a certain value. To get more informations on the concept of infinity, see "limits".

Is infinity less than infinity true?

No. In mathematics, infinity is not strictly defined as a comparable entity, since it is not defined.Opinion: Even if it would be considered comparable, infinity would equal infinity and thus not be less than itself.

What does 0 over 8 equal?

infinity! (and beyond)

Does a negative number times positive infinity equal negative infinity?

Yes. Multiplying a negative number by a very large positive number will equal a large negative number. If you have the function y = -x, then as x approaches infinity, y will approach negative infinity at the same rate.

What is infinity minus one equal to?

infinity is any number but usually 27 it can always be alive and dead and it is a fish