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Yes it's hard to get a job when you were homeschooled. But hardwork & determination makes man perfect & everyone can effort for getting job whatever they studied.

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Q: Is it harder when getting a job if you were homeschooled?
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Being homeschooled should not interfere with your getting a permit. I've been homeschooled and got a permit... and now I have my license... All I did was go to our local driving school and make an appointment... the fact that I was homeschooled did not do anything...

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It will likely be harder for you to get a well paying job in your field than it will be for students getting an A or a B grade in their major in university.

How many jobs is a 17 year old being homeschooled allowed?

A 17 year old who is being homeschooled should only have 1 job. This 1 job should be part time so that enough time can be devoted to school work.

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