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Q: Is it possible for 2 reflex angles that total 360 degrees?
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How many degress do an angle and its reflex angle total?

Angles around a point add up to 360 degrees

Is it possible for a triangle to have angles with measures 34 44 and 110 degrees?

A triangle's angles always total 180 degrees

Is it possible to draw a triangle with angles of 150 10 and 10?

Nope - because the internal angles of a triangle must total 180 degrees !

What is the difference between suppllementary and complimentary angles?

Complementary angles total 90 degrees. Supplementary angles total 180 degrees.

What is the total of angles added up together in a pentagon?

For a pentagon, which has 5 sides, you can use the formula: Total Sum of Interior Angles = (5 - 2) * 180 degrees Total Sum of Interior Angles = 3 * 180 degrees Total Sum of Interior Angles = 540 degrees So, the total sum of the interior angles in a pentagon is 540 degrees.

Is it possible to have a pentagon with 2 obtuse angles and 3 acute angles?

The total of the internal angles of a pentagon must equal 540 degrees. Three acute angles sum to less than 270 degrees, leaving at least 270 degrees for the obtuse angles if possible. Half of 270 is 135 degrees, which is an obtuse angle. Therefore, a pentagon with angles of 136, 137, 89, 89, and 89 degrees would satisfy the conditions given, and there are many other possibilities.

What is the Total angles in a parallelogram?

The total of angles in a parallelogram is always 360 degrees.

Trigonometry if a right triangle has a 65 and 35 degree angles and a hypotenuse of 8 what is the adjacent angle?

The total sum of angles in any right triangle is 180 degrees. The total sum of angles in the question would amount to 190 degrees and therefore no such right angled triangle is possible.

What is the sum of angles in an 8-sided polygon?

Exterior angles . . . 360 degrees Interior angles . . . 1,080 degrees Total . . . . . . . . . . . 1,440 degrees

What is the total interior angles of an trapezium?

the total interior angles in a trapezium is 360 degrees!

In a triangle the total of the three angles is?

the total of three angles is 180

Why does the exterior angles of an E shaped polygon total 360 degrees when it has 8 interior right angles and 4 interior reflex angles?

The exterior angles of any polygon total 360 degrees and the E shaped polygon is a 12 sided shape that has a total of 360 degrees of exterior angles and a total of 1800 degrees of interior angles. If you were to walk around an enlarged E shaped polygon in a clockwise direction you would have to make 8 right angle turns clockwise and 4 right angle turns anti-clockwise from start to finish. So: (8-4)*90 = 360 degrees in a clockwise direction Or to put it another way if you were to enscribe a circle and then enscribed 4 arcs of 90 degrees in reverse on the same circle you would still end up with a complete circle of 360 degrees. Interior angles: 8*90+4*270 = 1800 degrees